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Title: Waiting for the Hint of a Spark.
Fandom: Supernatural.
Main characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Bobby, God.
Rating: PG13.
Contains: Angst, AU (from the end of S4).
Summary: When Lucifer rises, Dean gets blinded. Of course, that doesn't stop people from thinking he's still meant to save the world. Oh, and God's an asshole.

Read it here!

As before, I included a place to download a .rtf copy, for those with vision issues or who want it on their ereaders.
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Name: Jenny Wrayne aka [personal profile] ladydreamer
Main fandoms: Smallville/DC comics, Supernatural, Glee
Favourite characters/pairings: Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne/Lex Luthor, Chloe Sullivan/Kara Zor-El, Chloe Sullivan/Mercy Graves, Dean Winchester/Castiel, Quinn/Santana
Favourite writing tool: my laptop, of course

As a downer, I've had to turn down both the SV big bang and the Dean/Castiel big bang because my productivity hasn't exactly been great over the past semester. I've been having a hard time lately focusing on things, and particularly balancing between RL responsibilities and fandom. I guess I should be happy because the focus was too much on fandom before and not enough on academics.

I just got done with one of my help_haiti Clex fics today (need to edit and beta now), and this makes me happy. It was to be a 3k fic and ended up as a 26k fic. Oy! Hey, you get more than you pay for with me. It's all big bang, whether the challenge demands it or not.

Other fandom to-dos:
Final help_haiti fic- Chlark mpreg story (she paid a lot for this, but has been very understanding that it will take me a while to get there)
International Mpreg Day June 20th :D
Clexmas Spring Fling challenge (As this is my challenge, I kind of feel obligated not to punk out)- New deadline July 16th
Update WiPs asap!

RL to-dos:
Revise, expand, and update conference paper into an article for publication/writing sample for Ph.D. apps to apply in the fall
Statement of Goals for the same
Update and format CV for the same

This summer is going to be a busy one.
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I have a habit of signing up to too many Big Bangs -- hence this community, really. So, this is my commitments and then a list of when I'm gonna try and get work done...

My Big Bangs this year:
-[ profile] au_bigbang: Posted! [15,000 word minimum.]
-[ profile] deancasbigbang: Planning stage. [20,000 word minimum.]
-[community profile] hardmode: Planned. [10,000 word minimum.]
-[community profile] kinked: Beta'd. [10,000 word minimum.]
-[community profile] ladiesbigbang: Planned. [15,000 word minimum.]
-[community profile] scifibigbang: Planned. [25,000 word minimum.]
-[ profile] sncross_bigbang: Posted. [15,000 word minimum.]
-[ profile] spn_j2_bigbang: Ready to post. [20,000 word minimum.]

-June 1st: [community profile] ladiesbigbang check-in, a third completed is recommended.
-June 7th: [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang posting begins.
-June 15th: [community profile] hardmode check-in.
-July 1st: [community profile] ladiesbigbang check-in, two thirds completed is recommended.
-July 30th: [community profile] hardmode writing period ends.
-July 31st: [community profile] scifibigbang writing period ends. [community profile] kinked writing period ends. [community profile] hardmode rough draft due.
-August 1st: [community profile] ladiesbigbang rough draft due.
-August 15th - August 31st: [community profile] scifibigbang posting schedule announced.
-August 20th: [ profile] deancasbigbang rough draft due.
-September 1st: [community profile] kinked posting period starts, [community profile] ladiesbigbang final draft due. [community profile] hardmode posting begins.
-September 10th: [community profile] ladiesbigbang posting begins.
-September 25th: [ profile] deancasbigbang final draft due.
-October 1st: [ profile] deancasbigbang posting begins.

Personal schedule:
-Until June 1st: Relax, for God's sake.
-June 1st - June 15th: Draft [community profile] hardmode fic.
-June 15th - June 30th: Draft [community profile] ladiesbigbang fic.
-July 1st - July 31st: Draft [community profile] scifibigbang fic.
-August 1st - August 20th: Draft [ profile] deancasbigbang fic.

...That's everything, right?

So, uh. Poke me? Ask about stuff? I don't know!
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Okay, so I'm writing a Draco Malfoy fanfic and I'm almost finished with the first draft. However, I don't have a beta and I'd like one to just look over it and give me some suggestions if they have any.

It's basically little!Draco and Narcissa interaction and is fluff. Obviously G-rated.

I'm writing this fic for the first challenge round at [community profile] never_written (which is a community that needs a lot more love) and I need to post it by the end of the month, though ideally, I want to post it in the next few days.
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Name: Aden
Writing Journal: I keep my writing on my regular journal for the moment
Genres: urban fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, gay lit
Main fandoms: Velvet Goldmine, Supernatural, Torchwood
Types: flash fiction, short stories, novels, drabbles
Favourite writing tool: Scrivener

Hello! I am finally making my intro post after lurking for a bit. (hoping that I did this right)  I am having some serious inspiration/motivation issues. If anyone has it in them to be a cheerleader, I could use a bit of help.  Right now I am just trying to get back into the habit of writing everyday. I can't figure out how not to struggle with this.  So this week I am going to try to do some prompts from different communities around DW.  Also I would really like to start scratching some things off of this massive (to me) list.

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Okay, so I know academic writing isn't the point of this comm, but I just finished the last of four essays and thus my second year, which if it doesn't count as finishing a writing goal, does definitely count as getting stuff out of the way so I can write.

(I wrote about the changing representation of criminals in crime fiction over the twentieth century, gender politics in Carol Ann Duffy's poetry collection The World's Wife, women in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and the relationship between paganism and Christianity in the Prose Edda and Hrólfs saga kraka. Fascinating stuff, but oh god, I am so glad to be freeeeeeee.)
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Name: bewize
Writing journal: [profile] wizefics
Main fandoms: Marvel; Death Note, Burn Notice, various
Favourite characters/pairings: Iceman, Brand/Hank, Namor; Light/L; Michael/Sam or Michael/Fiona

Original: I write for several magazines and newspapers. I also am trying to write fiction and nonfiction for publication
Genres: Fantasy, realism, creative non-fiction
Types: short stories, novels
Favourite writing tool: anything that prods me to keep writing!


* Mostly, I'm hoping to find some motivation to finish two ficathons. First is femgen, and second, and where I'm going to need the most help, is [community profile] kinked. Any help would be beneficial!
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Over the course of [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, there's been so much posting that I wish I could reward everyone. Unfortunately, I can't, so I drew names out of the hat as promised. The people who are getting one month's worth of paid time from me are:

-[personal profile] birgitriddle
-[personal profile] tanaqui

I'm going to give it to you in DW points, since we can now transfer those between users, so that if you don't want more paid time now, or would rather give the time to a different journal, you can do that.

Thank you to everyone who has posted and made this comm active. You all rock.

(I'm starting to move out of my flat on Monday, so I couldn't wait for the end of the fest. Forgive me.)
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And another fic posted!

Just as with my AU Big Bang fic, I decided to post my SPN Crossover Big Bang fic exclusively to Dreamwidth, so it could be a part of the [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw fest.

Title: By Pendragon's Sword the Dark Shall Fall.
Fandom: Supernatural & The Dark is Rising.
Main characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Ruby; Will, Bran. No pairing.
Rating: PG13.
Contains: Angst, AU, crossover.
Summary: When Dean sees Bran and Will in a crappy little diner, he has no idea how important they're about to become to his life. And if he had to pick anyone to be extra special, it'd be the arrogant albino asshole, not the mild-mannered Will Stanton. Which shows how much he knows. Will's the Watchman of the Light, and he's not at all pleased with what he's seeing.

Read it here!

I included a place to download a .rtf copy, for those with vision issues or who want it on their ereaders.

Basically expecting no comments because the fandom I did a crossover with is so small, but you could prove me wrong... *grin* Someone's gotta be interested, anyway.
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Hey all, I'm brand new both to the community and the site (though I'm an LJ transport so my learning curve thus far has been blissfully small). Per the 'instructions' here's my Intro Info to be followed by some randomness about me.

Name: Still working on that one... for now you can call me Breebers
Writing journal: This one (maybe)
Main fandoms: Doctor Who/Torchwood, Highlander, Merlin, Whedonverse, Harry Potter, LotR
Favourite characters/pairings: OCs with any of the above
Genres: gothic, horror, fantasy, historical fiction, whatever my brain comes up with
Types: novel, novella, short stories, film, reviews/rants
Favourite writing tool: Google Docs, journals and pencils

I've been a creator pretty much all my life -- problem is I have so many creative likes I never seem to get to a point with any of them which I could consider proficient (with the possible exception of writing and, once upon a time, singing). However, now as I near the age mark of twenty-ten I feel the pull to, you know, get off my lazy behind and put forth more effort into whatever creative endeavors strike my fancy.
My writing varies depending on what I'm writing. Both my parents are writers (not 'I can sustain myself by my writing' writers, but definitely 'I have aptitude for writing and have published works you can find if you dig hard enough' writers) in everything from magazine articles to film reviews to children's stories to historical non-fiction, so my catching the bug was pretty much inevitable. While I have yet to be published in a genre I actually like, there is work of mine circulating in the form of press releases, newsletters and corporate/civic/event videos.
I very much like the idea of this community being a place to support and spur writers to do more... or at least fail better (about the only thing Beckett wrote that really speaks to me).
Currently in progress I have a dearth of fanfic (which I've never actually posted anywhere, so encouragement/bribes to get me to share are welcome), two novels, two screenplays, and several things I'm editing for other people.
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I posted my AU big bang fic. *flails excitedly*

Like [personal profile] shanaqui, I posted my story exclusively to Dreamwidth so I could make it part of Three Weeks for DW.

Title: New Day Rising
Fandom: Jericho
Rating: General
Warnings: None
Words: 15,970
Summary: A time-travel AU, sequel to [personal profile] scribblesinink’s Times Like These. Sent back in time, Jake Green has successfully prevented the September nuclear attacks. Armed with the memories of nearly a year of events that haven't happened, he must pick up his life and find a way to fix relationships that are once more broken. (Minor crossover elements with Supernatural.)

Read it here, where you can also find links to the lovely art that [ profile] optimouse made for it.

I'm also very happy that my muses are all excited about writing id-pleasing fic for my beta's birthday and doing a good job working out the plot hole issues. (Also, for those who haven't seen it, [personal profile] strina wrote a great post about id-fic - probably NSFW language, depending on where you work....)

I'm hoping that finally posting the above fic and having freshly excited muses will mean they're all cooperative for the two ficathons I've signed up for....
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FIC POSTED! *runs around with arms in the air*

I decided to post my [ profile] au_bigbang fic exclusively to Dreamwidth. It's easier than splitting it into parts for LJ's post limit. And I could make it Three Weeks for DW content, too. Buuuut I don't have as many readers on DW, so I'm really really hoping I still get comments over here. *grin*

Title: Right Where We Belong.
Fandom: Supernatural.
Main characters: Dean, Ellen, Jo, Castiel, Sam. No pairing.
Rating: PG13.
Contains: Angst, AU, violence, a happy ending.
Summary: When John dies, Dean ends up at the roadhouse and is brought up by Ellen as Jo's big brother. Growing up there is no protection, though -- not when the apocalypse is about to start.

Read it here!

You'll also find links to all the extras (including two fanmixes and a drinking game!) on that post. I included a place to download a .rtf copy, for those with vision issues or who want it on their ereaders.
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So I have a lot of podfic needing to be accomplished and I need to stay on track, y'all!

I'd like to have a decent showing of podfic for [community profile] amplificathon  and need to start plotting out how to record all of the stuff for [community profile] ladiesbigbang.

I wouldn't have had a problem but I've been really caught up in other stuff and can just now get back to recording.

I need at least a cuddle? 
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Name: Unusual
Main Fandoms: Doctor Who, Firefly, NCIS
Favorite Writing Tool: Word. It's easy to use and I'm lazy.
Original Fiction Genres: Urban fantasy, scifi, fiction
Nearly Working On: I have a few novel ideas I'd like to get out of my brain an onto paper, hopefully soon.

I don't have any major deadlines coming up in fanfic at the moment, but I am a horrible, awful procrastinator and I need motivation in the form of a kick in the pants or possibly a lot of poking. I'm trying to focus more on original fiction at the moment, as I'm taking a class in creative writing and there are deadlines I have to meet.

Also, does anyone here know of any good comms to post fic to? I'm new to Dreamwidth in general and have no idea where to start.
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Name: Tanaqui
Writing journal: [personal profile] tanaquific for longer stories. Drabbles tend to go in my general journal ([personal profile] tanaqui).
Main fandoms: Jericho, Tolkien, Stargate: Atlantis, Supernatural, and various others where I’ve written a story or two.

Favourite writing tool: more an... environment: a private Google Site shared with my primary collaborator/beta/braintwin for the shared ‘verses we’re writing in the Jericho fandom. It’s not particularly pretty, but it’s really useful and easy to use for uploading and sharing fic drafts, storing reference material (screencaps of key images from the show, transcipts, our painfully constructed timeline) and a place to round up and keep our plotbunnies until we get a chance to write them.

What triggered my horrible addiction to signing up to challenges? [ profile] cliche_bingo. I’d signed up for a few challenges before that, mostly in the SGA fandom, but my muse totally glommed onto those cliches! I then got a bit sign-up happy and ended up feeling a bit over-extended. I've been trying recently to pull back and only sign up for things I really, really want to do. But I like challenges because I usually work really well to deadlines and prompts. (I’ve done some self-imposed "daily drabble" challenges in the past.)

I’ve finished my [ profile] au_bigbang story and will be posting that next week. \o/

Working on:
I’m currently poking at two Jericho stories in the main shared ‘verse. One is plodding along in a need-to-get-the-plot-out sort of way, before I can go back and fix the characters’ emotional arcs and figure out if I maybe have scenes in the wrong POV. The other I’ve only just started working but it feels like it’s going to be one of those stories where I write lots of disconnected scenes and then figure out how to tie them together.

On the backburner:
I have several part-written stories that I know I’ll get back to and finish some day, but where I mostly need to figure certain things out or write other stories first that will help me figure things out.

To do in the next few months:
  • [community profile] ladiesbigbang: I have an outline, but haven’t written anything yet
  • [ profile] femgenficathon: I have a lovely quote prompt and a very vague idea about the story I want to write, but I suspect I need to get nearer the deadline for me to get properly focused.
  • Edit the draft of a 45,000-word Jericho story. This is the longest thing I’ve ever written by quite some distance, and I’m a little flaily about doing that - mostly because of the size of it and being concerned that I can’t keep on top of everything and make sure every part of it ties together as tightly as I’m used to being able to do in shorter pieces. Any tips anyone has on how they approach editing/revising longer pieces would be most welcome!
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I finished all my papers for the semester. Well, except for one, but I'm getting extra time on that so I can work on it beyond the semester. I've been stressing over those papers for god knows how long and now...they're done. No more. I didn't even think I could pull it off at times.

Now I have a 10-15 research paper to do by the 31st and three big bangs to work on, plus a novel re-write. And that's not including the exchange fics, claims and challenges I'm doing. Of course, I'll finally have the free time to do all these things as well.

Tomorrow is relaxing day dammit.
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[personal profile] gorgeousnerd's post on Writing in Quantity is useful and relevant (heh). There's links to various helpful tools, like a manuscript analyser which tells you what words you might be using a little too much.

Habit Forge might be good, too.
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I'm participating in several Big Bangs this time, and I'm having various problems with my artists. I think this applies both ways, though: author to artist, and artist to author.

-Introduce yourself! [personal profile] auroraprimavera was my first ever Big Bang artist. The first email she sent me was an introduction, and lo, we got on like a house on fire.
-Respond promptly! Even if it's to say you can't do [x], at least then your partner knows where you stand.
-Keep in touch. If you have a problem, let your partner know, so that if you suddenly disappear offline but you'll be back in time, they don't contact mods going "help! my artist disappeared!". If you don't have a problem, just let 'em know you're still around and doing your bit.
-If someone sends you their latest draft, it's nice to respond and let them know what you think once you've had chance to read it/see it. One of my artists received my draft almost two weeks ago and there's been silence since. Silence feels ominous, to me...
-Work together! Don't spring a massive plot change surprise on your artist two days before the deadline.
-If you promise to do something, deliver. If you promised a rough draft by Tuesday, follow through!
-If in doubt, ask.

What other advice would you have about getting on with your author/artist? My main problem has been total lack of communication.
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Today I signed up fro 750 Words which I found through suggestions here.  Mostly I just blathered, and I'm not sure how I will use it - story writing vs stream of consciousness - but I think it will be helpful.  My goal is to write every day in May, and if anyone wants to join me (or me join you if you already use 750 Words) I'd be happy to do a mutual cheerleading or prompting thing.

For other people using 750 Words, how do you like it? 

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Name: Fly to Dawn
Writing journal: (if you have one) This one.
Main fandoms: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Merlin.
Favourite characters/pairings: Guinevere, Luna, Angelina Johnson, Morgause, Romana, the Eighth Doctor, Arthur/Gwen, Morgana/Morgause, Doctor/Romana, Ted/Andromeda, Fred/Angelina.
Favourite writing tool: Textedit! No, seriously, I love it; it doesn't scream 'TYPE IN ME' like Word does (or maybe that's just me), but is like a lovely little notepad - unlined notepads being my other writing tool of choice. I like that it doesn't have a word count or an adjustable margin.

Working on:
- Modern!AU Merlin; Gwen and Merlin are producers of Morgana and Arthur's shows at Radio Camelot (3500+ words so far)
- Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles-style!AU Merlin; Gwen is sent back in time to protect a younger version of her husband, Arthur. For [community profile] ladiesbigbang.
- A very random Primeval/Doctor Who crossover, with Ten and Helen Cutter.

- Fic for [ profile] femgenficathon.

I am all a-flail right now as this is the first time I'm writing for a Big Bang, and also because I seem to have planned lots of other things. Eeeeeek. But anyway, I love writing, and hopefully this year I'll be able to prod myself more than usual. Hi! *wave*