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[comm] Useful Links & Tools

This is a gathered list of all nifty links & writing/productivity tools that have either been mentioned here in the comm or I have found.

Challenge & Prompt Claim Communities

Useful Links

Writing/Productivity Tools

You can of course comment here and I'll add to the list - or if you feel the need to share RIGHT AWAY BECAUSE OMG SO COOL, feel free to make a post using the #useful links & content: tools tags. I'll check them once a week and update the list if anything else has been added.

Go forth and be prosperous!
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As a suggestion, perhaps we could make a list of challenge and prompt claim communities just so we have an idea of places to go if we have finished what we're involved in or are having trouble finding places and want to do something more.
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[community profile] parthenon is good for both fandom and original works and [community profile] musing_way is a weekly prompt community for muses. They're both modded by the same person I and I think she has at least one other community, but I forget the name of it.
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There's also [community profile] dailyprompt and [community profile] drabble. :-)
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[personal profile] onceamy 2011-01-02 02:58 am (UTC)(link)
A new challenge comm! [community profile] inkitout :)