Apr. 8th, 2010

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Greetings all!

Name: T.
Writing journal: My LJ is my main journal - that's where my writing lives - but I'm trying to switch that over to here. The journal name's the same for both.
Main fandoms: Bandom [though I'm currently on the outs with it], Lost, Jossverse, U2 RPS, The Magnificent Seven, DC/Vertigo Comics; I dabble in Supernatural and Harry Potter

Original Fic:
Genres: I tend towards magical realism, with some horror and adventure thrown in.
Types: (e.g. novel, play, microfictions) Poetry is my default writing form. That goes for both fandom and original work. I do write prose, and am in the process of charting out a novel.

Favourite writing tool: Write or Die, definitely. Though I signed up for 750 words because of the comments here, and it seems to be working very well.

I'm currently doing napowrimo - which means I'm writing a poem a day. It would be very helpful if people asked about that and rustled some pom poms every once and awhile.

I *love* to cheerlead for others, so if you need that sort of thing, give me a yell.