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Okay, so I'm writing a Draco Malfoy fanfic and I'm almost finished with the first draft. However, I don't have a beta and I'd like one to just look over it and give me some suggestions if they have any.

It's basically little!Draco and Narcissa interaction and is fluff. Obviously G-rated.

I'm writing this fic for the first challenge round at [community profile] never_written (which is a community that needs a lot more love) and I need to post it by the end of the month, though ideally, I want to post it in the next few days.
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Alright I just finished writing a one shot crossover fic. It's femslash if anyone is wondering. The fandoms are the TV shows Criminal Minds (the person the story revolves around is my icon), The Inside, Gossip Girl, the movies Untraceable and Final Destination with some original characters thrown in. Now I need a person or two to beta it.

After that I'll be writing an epic crossover soon where the first story is a crossover of Mean Girls and two Canadian TV series called Higher Ground and Student Bodies.

Anyone interested?