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Nikki ([personal profile] shanaqui) wrote in [community profile] relevant_productivity2010-06-11 02:48 pm

[promo] SPN/J2 Big Bang fic posted!

Title: Waiting for the Hint of a Spark.
Fandom: Supernatural.
Main characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Bobby, God.
Rating: PG13.
Contains: Angst, AU (from the end of S4).
Summary: When Lucifer rises, Dean gets blinded. Of course, that doesn't stop people from thinking he's still meant to save the world. Oh, and God's an asshole.

Read it here!

As before, I included a place to download a .rtf copy, for those with vision issues or who want it on their ereaders.

[personal profile] amethystfirefly 2010-06-12 12:16 am (UTC)(link)
Good for you!!! <3

(and reading it now.)