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[ Intro, to-do, help ] I've fallen off the wagon. Possible poking needed. Will provide the spoons.

Name: Aden
Writing Journal: I keep my writing on my regular journal for the moment
Genres: urban fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, gay lit
Main fandoms: Velvet Goldmine, Supernatural, Torchwood
Types: flash fiction, short stories, novels, drabbles
Favourite writing tool: Scrivener

Hello! I am finally making my intro post after lurking for a bit. (hoping that I did this right)  I am having some serious inspiration/motivation issues. If anyone has it in them to be a cheerleader, I could use a bit of help.  Right now I am just trying to get back into the habit of writing everyday. I can't figure out how not to struggle with this.  So this week I am going to try to do some prompts from different communities around DW.  Also I would really like to start scratching some things off of this massive (to me) list.

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Welcome to the comm!

If you check back through the comm, or just google them, there's a couple of tools that might help -- like 750 Words, for which you do 750 words, the equivalent of three pages, every day. Or Habit Forge might help you, it'll send you a reminder every night asking whether you did the work or not.
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Hello and welcome!

I just started doing 750 words and I really like it. I usually start of rambling about my day and then use it for story brainstorming which helps when I actually sit down to write because I've already spent some brain time thinking about it. The outside checking and rewards are more motivating than I thought they would be.
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I've been having motivational problems recently, too. I'd be happy to be a cheerleader and do a bit of poking if you need it. And I find it's helpful to sit down with my laptop and write whatever comes into my head nonstop for twenty minutes or so. Gets the creative juices flowing.