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[personal profile] gorgeousnerd's post on Writing in Quantity is useful and relevant (heh). There's links to various helpful tools, like a manuscript analyser which tells you what words you might be using a little too much.

Habit Forge might be good, too.
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Today I signed up fro 750 Words which I found through suggestions here.  Mostly I just blathered, and I'm not sure how I will use it - story writing vs stream of consciousness - but I think it will be helpful.  My goal is to write every day in May, and if anyone wants to join me (or me join you if you already use 750 Words) I'd be happy to do a mutual cheerleading or prompting thing.

For other people using 750 Words, how do you like it? 

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This is a gathered list of all nifty links & writing/productivity tools that have either been mentioned here in the comm or I have found.

Challenge & Prompt Claim Communities

Useful Links

Writing/Productivity Tools

You can of course comment here and I'll add to the list - or if you feel the need to share RIGHT AWAY BECAUSE OMG SO COOL, feel free to make a post using the #useful links & content: tools tags. I'll check them once a week and update the list if anything else has been added.

Go forth and be prosperous!
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*whips off the mod hat*

Name: Nikki/[personal profile] shanaqui.
Writing journal: [personal profile] edenbound.
Main fandoms: Supernatural, Firefly, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X-2, Kingdom Hearts, The Dark is Rising, Merlin...
Favourite characters/pairings: Oh, god, too many to list. Dean is my favourite character in SPN, Simon is my favourite in Firefly, Seifer is probably my favourite in FFVIII, Gippal or Baralai in FFX-2, Axel in Kingdom Hearts, Bran in The Dark is Rising, Merlin in, well, Merlin...
Favourite writing tool: Write or Die desktop edition. It's seriously good at just kicking your ass into writing.

I'm mostly here for support doing Big Bangs. They're my addiction. I do the writing part due to utter lack of artistic skill.

Big Bangs I'm participating in:
-[ profile] au_bigbang: First draft complete. Supernatural AU, in which Dean is brought up by Ellen, is mute, and saves the world with hugs.
-[community profile] hardmode: Idea hatched. (Not open yet.) Final Fantasy X-2 cyberpunk AU, focusing on the Crimson Squad.
-[community profile] kinked: Pending idea. (Not signed up yet.) Supernatural Dean/Castiel fic, I think.
-[community profile] ladiesbigbang: Planned. (Not signed up yet.) Supernatural Dean/Cassie fic, in which Cassie kicks a lot of ass, mostly Dean's.
-[community profile] scifibigbang: Planning stage. Firefly apocalyptic fic, in which everything goes wrong.
-[ profile] sncross_bigbang: First draft complete. Supernatural AU/The Dark is Rising crossover, in which Will and Bran try to guide Dean, Sam and Castiel into not starting the apocalypse.
-[ profile] spn_j2_bigbang: Planning stage. Supernatural AU in which, at the end of S4, Dean is blinded.

I've also got claims at [ profile] centi_porn, [community profile] overlooked and [community profile] 3x3.

Oh my god, how many tags am I going to need now...