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Okay, so I'm writing a Draco Malfoy fanfic and I'm almost finished with the first draft. However, I don't have a beta and I'd like one to just look over it and give me some suggestions if they have any.

It's basically little!Draco and Narcissa interaction and is fluff. Obviously G-rated.

I'm writing this fic for the first challenge round at [community profile] never_written (which is a community that needs a lot more love) and I need to post it by the end of the month, though ideally, I want to post it in the next few days.
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Name: bewize
Writing journal: [profile] wizefics
Main fandoms: Marvel; Death Note, Burn Notice, various
Favourite characters/pairings: Iceman, Brand/Hank, Namor; Light/L; Michael/Sam or Michael/Fiona

Original: I write for several magazines and newspapers. I also am trying to write fiction and nonfiction for publication
Genres: Fantasy, realism, creative non-fiction
Types: short stories, novels
Favourite writing tool: anything that prods me to keep writing!


* Mostly, I'm hoping to find some motivation to finish two ficathons. First is femgen, and second, and where I'm going to need the most help, is [community profile] kinked. Any help would be beneficial!
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So I have a lot of podfic needing to be accomplished and I need to stay on track, y'all!

I'd like to have a decent showing of podfic for [community profile] amplificathon  and need to start plotting out how to record all of the stuff for [community profile] ladiesbigbang.

I wouldn't have had a problem but I've been really caught up in other stuff and can just now get back to recording.

I need at least a cuddle?