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Name: Aden
Writing Journal: I keep my writing on my regular journal for the moment
Genres: urban fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, gay lit
Main fandoms: Velvet Goldmine, Supernatural, Torchwood
Types: flash fiction, short stories, novels, drabbles
Favourite writing tool: Scrivener

Hello! I am finally making my intro post after lurking for a bit. (hoping that I did this right)  I am having some serious inspiration/motivation issues. If anyone has it in them to be a cheerleader, I could use a bit of help.  Right now I am just trying to get back into the habit of writing everyday. I can't figure out how not to struggle with this.  So this week I am going to try to do some prompts from different communities around DW.  Also I would really like to start scratching some things off of this massive (to me) list.

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Name: bewize
Writing journal: [profile] wizefics
Main fandoms: Marvel; Death Note, Burn Notice, various
Favourite characters/pairings: Iceman, Brand/Hank, Namor; Light/L; Michael/Sam or Michael/Fiona

Original: I write for several magazines and newspapers. I also am trying to write fiction and nonfiction for publication
Genres: Fantasy, realism, creative non-fiction
Types: short stories, novels
Favourite writing tool: anything that prods me to keep writing!


* Mostly, I'm hoping to find some motivation to finish two ficathons. First is femgen, and second, and where I'm going to need the most help, is [community profile] kinked. Any help would be beneficial!
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Hey all, I'm brand new both to the community and the site (though I'm an LJ transport so my learning curve thus far has been blissfully small). Per the 'instructions' here's my Intro Info to be followed by some randomness about me.

Name: Still working on that one... for now you can call me Breebers
Writing journal: This one (maybe)
Main fandoms: Doctor Who/Torchwood, Highlander, Merlin, Whedonverse, Harry Potter, LotR
Favourite characters/pairings: OCs with any of the above
Genres: gothic, horror, fantasy, historical fiction, whatever my brain comes up with
Types: novel, novella, short stories, film, reviews/rants
Favourite writing tool: Google Docs, journals and pencils

I've been a creator pretty much all my life -- problem is I have so many creative likes I never seem to get to a point with any of them which I could consider proficient (with the possible exception of writing and, once upon a time, singing). However, now as I near the age mark of twenty-ten I feel the pull to, you know, get off my lazy behind and put forth more effort into whatever creative endeavors strike my fancy.
My writing varies depending on what I'm writing. Both my parents are writers (not 'I can sustain myself by my writing' writers, but definitely 'I have aptitude for writing and have published works you can find if you dig hard enough' writers) in everything from magazine articles to film reviews to children's stories to historical non-fiction, so my catching the bug was pretty much inevitable. While I have yet to be published in a genre I actually like, there is work of mine circulating in the form of press releases, newsletters and corporate/civic/event videos.
I very much like the idea of this community being a place to support and spur writers to do more... or at least fail better (about the only thing Beckett wrote that really speaks to me).
Currently in progress I have a dearth of fanfic (which I've never actually posted anywhere, so encouragement/bribes to get me to share are welcome), two novels, two screenplays, and several things I'm editing for other people.
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Name: Unusual
Main Fandoms: Doctor Who, Firefly, NCIS
Favorite Writing Tool: Word. It's easy to use and I'm lazy.
Original Fiction Genres: Urban fantasy, scifi, fiction
Nearly Working On: I have a few novel ideas I'd like to get out of my brain an onto paper, hopefully soon.

I don't have any major deadlines coming up in fanfic at the moment, but I am a horrible, awful procrastinator and I need motivation in the form of a kick in the pants or possibly a lot of poking. I'm trying to focus more on original fiction at the moment, as I'm taking a class in creative writing and there are deadlines I have to meet.

Also, does anyone here know of any good comms to post fic to? I'm new to Dreamwidth in general and have no idea where to start.
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Name: Tanaqui
Writing journal: [personal profile] tanaquific for longer stories. Drabbles tend to go in my general journal ([personal profile] tanaqui).
Main fandoms: Jericho, Tolkien, Stargate: Atlantis, Supernatural, and various others where I’ve written a story or two.

Favourite writing tool: more an... environment: a private Google Site shared with my primary collaborator/beta/braintwin for the shared ‘verses we’re writing in the Jericho fandom. It’s not particularly pretty, but it’s really useful and easy to use for uploading and sharing fic drafts, storing reference material (screencaps of key images from the show, transcipts, our painfully constructed timeline) and a place to round up and keep our plotbunnies until we get a chance to write them.

What triggered my horrible addiction to signing up to challenges? [ profile] cliche_bingo. I’d signed up for a few challenges before that, mostly in the SGA fandom, but my muse totally glommed onto those cliches! I then got a bit sign-up happy and ended up feeling a bit over-extended. I've been trying recently to pull back and only sign up for things I really, really want to do. But I like challenges because I usually work really well to deadlines and prompts. (I’ve done some self-imposed "daily drabble" challenges in the past.)

I’ve finished my [ profile] au_bigbang story and will be posting that next week. \o/

Working on:
I’m currently poking at two Jericho stories in the main shared ‘verse. One is plodding along in a need-to-get-the-plot-out sort of way, before I can go back and fix the characters’ emotional arcs and figure out if I maybe have scenes in the wrong POV. The other I’ve only just started working but it feels like it’s going to be one of those stories where I write lots of disconnected scenes and then figure out how to tie them together.

On the backburner:
I have several part-written stories that I know I’ll get back to and finish some day, but where I mostly need to figure certain things out or write other stories first that will help me figure things out.

To do in the next few months:
  • [community profile] ladiesbigbang: I have an outline, but haven’t written anything yet
  • [ profile] femgenficathon: I have a lovely quote prompt and a very vague idea about the story I want to write, but I suspect I need to get nearer the deadline for me to get properly focused.
  • Edit the draft of a 45,000-word Jericho story. This is the longest thing I’ve ever written by quite some distance, and I’m a little flaily about doing that - mostly because of the size of it and being concerned that I can’t keep on top of everything and make sure every part of it ties together as tightly as I’m used to being able to do in shorter pieces. Any tips anyone has on how they approach editing/revising longer pieces would be most welcome!
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Name: Fly to Dawn
Writing journal: (if you have one) This one.
Main fandoms: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Merlin.
Favourite characters/pairings: Guinevere, Luna, Angelina Johnson, Morgause, Romana, the Eighth Doctor, Arthur/Gwen, Morgana/Morgause, Doctor/Romana, Ted/Andromeda, Fred/Angelina.
Favourite writing tool: Textedit! No, seriously, I love it; it doesn't scream 'TYPE IN ME' like Word does (or maybe that's just me), but is like a lovely little notepad - unlined notepads being my other writing tool of choice. I like that it doesn't have a word count or an adjustable margin.

Working on:
- Modern!AU Merlin; Gwen and Merlin are producers of Morgana and Arthur's shows at Radio Camelot (3500+ words so far)
- Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles-style!AU Merlin; Gwen is sent back in time to protect a younger version of her husband, Arthur. For [community profile] ladiesbigbang.
- A very random Primeval/Doctor Who crossover, with Ten and Helen Cutter.

- Fic for [ profile] femgenficathon.

I am all a-flail right now as this is the first time I'm writing for a Big Bang, and also because I seem to have planned lots of other things. Eeeeeek. But anyway, I love writing, and hopefully this year I'll be able to prod myself more than usual. Hi! *wave*
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Name: Sibylle
The Situation: I've never written anything fictional.
Goal: Write my first piece of fiction.

I posted something about my writing issues somewhere one day in a community dedicated to finding support for writing endeavours but I still feel the need to type this somewhere else especially since it didn't change much. I've read a lot of fanfictions since August 2009 and it's really something I enjoy. I adore reading published books as well. At this point, I just want to write something. I've never written anything fictional, it scares me, nothing feels right. I'm an English major, which somehow seems to puzzle people even more (not sure why, I analyze books, my work is exclusively non-fictional). I have several reasons for that: I want to get the ideas out of my head, I think they're actually worthy of being written, I want to be part of my fandoms more fully. I was told I should write and never edit just so I have something on the page. I did that, with positive results, so I want to continue doing that. My goals are the following:

- Finish my first fanfiction (the idea I developed focuses on Hermione from the Harry Potter fandom) by the end of the year, even if it's not to post it anywhere, I just want the idea out of my head already.
- Know precisely where I want to go for my piece of original fiction (not sure if it's going to be long or not, a short story, a novella, a novel, a series, who knows) by the end of the year. Unfortunately for me, it's historical fiction set in the 1920s, which means research and right now what I need is to write as I feel. We'll see. A rough outline at least isn't fictional, I can deal with that better.

I find talking about it to people I already know is actually very hard because it always comes with expectations, even if they have the best of intentions so here's hoping this community is the key :)
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Name: Kath
Writing journal: will be my regular journal, [personal profile] sugar. I tried the whole dedicated-journal thing, but it sort of killed my writing confidence, so I'm scrapping it.
Main fandoms: Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, CWRPS, Lost, Dollhouse, Gilmore Girls
Favourite characters/pairings: It changes all the time. The characters I find most interesting to read or write about are probably Whiskey from Dollhouse and Spike from Buffy. I am very fond of Emily Gilmore and Paris Geller. And Hurley from Lost and Lorne from Angel are my heroes.
Favourite writing tool: OpenOffice for fiction, CeltX for screenwriting. Both free :)

Working on About to work on:
- 3000+ word How I Met Your Mother slash fic for my still-unfilled [ profile] help_haiti request.
- Freaks and Geeks gen fic for [ profile] lgbtfest
- my postponed ScriptFrenzy script, which, as of now, stands only on the rickety premise of "Clerks in space".

I have been finding it very hard to write without the help of some sort of stringent structure (like drabbles) lately. Hopefully this comm will help me out with that, through sheer output and peer pressure! :)
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Name: Cesy
Writing journal: (if you have one) None.
Main fandoms: Stargate SG-1, American Idol RPF, Garth Nix Old Kingdom, Mercedes Lackey Valdemar.
Favourite characters/pairings: Daniel Jackson, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, various OFCs.
Favourite writing tool: AO3 and Notepad. And Excel, to make pretty graphs of wordcount when the writing is not going well.

Working on: Currently struggling to get any words out at all. My main target at the moment is to get even some tiny ficlets written, and odd scenes from my longer works-in-progress.
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Name: Tassos is the one I started with way back when.  Journaling, it turned into [personal profile] tassosss .  I go by both.
Writing journal: I don't have one separate from my regular journal, but all my stories are at the AOOO
Main fandoms: Um.  Many.  Farscape, Supernatural, Stargates, Buffy, Firefly, Star Trek XI, bunch of others.  LOTS of crossovers.
Favourite characters/pairings: This changes a lot and depends on what story I'm telling.
Favourite writing tool: Scrivener.  And pen, paper and a room with no windows.  Totally works.

Most difficult part of writing for me: Finishing when I'm stuck.  Once I lose momentum and more than a week goes by, the story ends up languishing and never getting finished.  And right now figuring out how to start a story.
Working on: I've got a Star Trek XI story due in a month, and Buffy auction fic many months over due that I'm close to finishing.  I have about five other long, non-deadlined stories going on.  One I'm actively working on, the other four are the dread stuck ones.  And I want to sign up for Star Trek Big Bang.  Yeah.
Looking for: Someplace to talk milestones, cheerleading (I'm a good cheerleader too!).  Someone to talk me down from being intimidated by how big and out of control a story gets.

Original:  I haven't written much beyond a NaNo that will never see the light of day, but I have a notebook on a shelf with scifi type ideas.

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Name: Erin/[personal profile] the_wanlorn
Writing journal: Uh, theoretically, it's [personal profile] i_dionysus. But I only use it sporadically, and only to post works, and it's definitely not a complete archive.
Main fandoms: In Plain Sight, Lost, Burn Notice, Leverage, Bones, New Avengers & Daredevil & Iron Fist, Dresden Files, Farscape
Favourite characters/pairings: It varies a lot. Going in the same order as the list, it's: Mary, Mary/Marshall; Benry, anything with Benry in it that does not involve Jack; Fi, Sam/Fi/Michael; Parker or Hardison depending on which way the wind's blowing that day, Parker/Hardison/Eliot; Bones, Bones/Booth/Sweets; Jessica Jones, Jessica/Luke/Danny/Matt; Murphy, I don't really have one; Aeryn, John/Aeryn. I am really bad at shipping pairings, instead of threesomes and moresomes.
Favourite writing tool: GoogleDocs owns my soul. :( It's so much easier to get people to beta fic when you don't have to remember to send it to them, and the back & forth that gets going between everyone while they're betaing is great.

Original fiction, wise:

Genres: Urban fantasy, overall, with a solid dose of horror and superheroes thrown in.
Types: Novels! If no one's every going to write the F/F/F paranormal romance I want to read, or urban fantasy about superheroes, I might as well do it myself.
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Name: [personal profile] miss_haitch or Hannah
Writing journal: See above!
Genres: Fantasy. I've dabbled with real-world fantasy, magical realism and SF, but right now what I like to write is good old second-world fantasy. I'm not sure how "epic" it is - it's people dealing with everyday problems in fantasy universes, but it's not gritty like George RR Martin.
Types: Novels. Sometimes I write little vignettes, too, but I'm not good enough at structuring to write short stories.
Favourite writing tool: Pen and paper. Yup, I'm old-fashioned. I write on paper and then type it up for editing.
Working on: Two projects, one adult fantasy and one YA fantasy. The adult one is tentatively called The Aviary, though informally I call it "the superpower story".

After a very strenuous week of typing and a LOT of backache, I have the first draft of the superpower story typed up! Phew, just in time for the weekend. Now I'm going to leave it to ferment and mature (like good wine or cheese!). I really enjoy editing, and I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into editing this one.

Anyway, hello all, and I hope you're all well and having fun!
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Name: Leradny
Main fandoms: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XIII, Fire Emblem, Harry Potter
Favourite characters/pairings: Varies

Writing Journal: Goddaughter, Kindness From Strangers
Genres: General, Fantasy, Queer Fiction
Types: Novel, Short Stories
Favourite writing tool: Pen and paper, a computer to type it up
Working On: Goddaughter, a novel that mixes together everything I like about fantasy, from video games to manga to literature to movies/TV (though it's mostly Final Fantasy and Greek Mythology). Also Kindness From Strangers, a series of mostly unrelated short stories.

I would really like some constructive (bad AND good points) criticism on "Goddaughter".  KFS, I don't put as much effort into.  They're my sandbox for whatever ideas I can't fit into Goddaughter, and writing practice.  I'm good at critiquing and giving advice, so if you need a sounding board for any sort of writing at all--besides poetry, which I don't read or write--I will totally be one for you.
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Greetings all!

Name: T.
Writing journal: My LJ is my main journal - that's where my writing lives - but I'm trying to switch that over to here. The journal name's the same for both.
Main fandoms: Bandom [though I'm currently on the outs with it], Lost, Jossverse, U2 RPS, The Magnificent Seven, DC/Vertigo Comics; I dabble in Supernatural and Harry Potter

Original Fic:
Genres: I tend towards magical realism, with some horror and adventure thrown in.
Types: (e.g. novel, play, microfictions) Poetry is my default writing form. That goes for both fandom and original work. I do write prose, and am in the process of charting out a novel.

Favourite writing tool: Write or Die, definitely. Though I signed up for 750 words because of the comments here, and it seems to be working very well.

I'm currently doing napowrimo - which means I'm writing a poem a day. It would be very helpful if people asked about that and rustled some pom poms every once and awhile.

I *love* to cheerlead for others, so if you need that sort of thing, give me a yell.
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Hello everybody!  I found this pimped and decided to join up, as I don't always succeed at finishing things and I need all the help I can get.  I was not in the best of health for a while, and now with access to the internet and awakeness, I have decided to start small and work my way back up to accomplishing things! 

Writing journal: (if you have one):  I live at  [personal profile] majoline
Main fandoms:  I read Harry Potter, Jeeves and Wooster, SGA, (sometimes NCIS, Smallville, Supernatural)
*****But my current obsession that I am actively involved in is:  Star Trek: TOS/Reboot 
Favourite characters/pairings:  Don't really have favorite pairings provided you can sell me on the characters interacting.
Favourite writing tool:  Word Perfect, but I'll take Open Office cause it's free!
Working on:  Podficcing lots of stuff! I need to get a move on and actually start posting. Mainly Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit and my Gaila list for [community profile] ladiesbigbang 


Writing journal:  Same journal
Genres:  autobiographical
Types: (e.g. novel, play, microfictions):  Poetry
Favourite writing tool:  same as above
Working on:  [community profile] napowrimo
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Hai, I be Sasha. Saw [personal profile] amethystfirefly  pimping it and decided to rock up. Might help me get things done for once.

Writing journal: (if you have one):

[community profile] 3evilmuses (90% fanfic/10% original) (DW);wolfanfics (fanfic) and sashas_nano (dumping place for NaNoWriMo stuff and random bits of original fiction) (LJ)
AO3 Archive: Sashataakheru (which only has selected works there)
Main fandoms: I am often a fandom of one. I am engaged in a journey to find/discover/found the most obscure RPS fandoms in existence and write fic for them. Basic groups are Australian comedy, Australian politics, and obscure bandslash.
Favourite characters/pairings: Ohh, um. Well, it changes, depending on what I'm writing. I've never really had favourites.
Favourite writing tool: Currently falling in love with little WordPad-like program called Jarte. It is everything I wished WordPad would be. Okay, I only got it for the wordcount thing, but still. XD OH. yWriter 5. I luffs that program. <3
Working on: I've got fic for [ profile] au_bigbang to finish editing - I'm also doing my own soundtrack and leet grafix. I've signed up for two prompts for [ profile] lgbtfest (I'm a fulltime uni student, why do I do this to myself? D:) and I'm writing various pieces for [community profile] musing_way (for three muses, no less), amongst other things ranging from one-shots to novels. Etcetera.

Writing journal: (if you have one): ...See above. Well. See [community profile] 3evilmuses . That's got the most original fic.
Genres: Dystopia, sci-fi, queer fiction, steampunk
Types: (e.g. novel, play, microfictions): Novels and novellas, mostly. Not that I've finished any of them yet. >_>
Favourite writing tool: See above. XD
Working on: political queer dystopia titled Wild West Heroes/Rainbow Nation*, a vague sci-fi trilogy thing involving space pixies, and other various things I'm too tired to remember at the moment. Possibly a sign I should go to bed. XD

* This is what happens when you end up having two seemingly separate stories tell me they are actually part of the same universe. I have title issues, amongst other things. D:

ETA to add tags as my keyboard is made of fail tonight and posted before I was ready. DX I think they're the right ones. Add/fix as necessary. And now it hates my LJ links. Fine. *fixes*

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[personal profile] viklikesfic
Name: Viktoria, or Vikki
Writing journal: [personal profile] viklikesfic (not just writing, but it's all there)
Main fandoms: Lotrips, actor RPF, Star Trek 2009. Lately, I've been in a mood for figure skating RPF.
Favourite characters/pairings: I'm kind of known for being that person who will write any pairing. I care more about the kinks/the genre/etc. than the pairing. Lately I've been on a Spock/Uhura kick, and also on a Johnny Weir/Stéphane Lambiel kick.
Types: Fanfiction, short stories, novels, poetry, academic writing, blogging
Favourite writing tool: I'm trying to make myself use tools more. At this point, gdocs. I'm trying to get into using Scrivener effectively and haven't so far.
Most difficult part of writing for me: On the fanfiction side, I'm trying to force a transition in style. My current style is very productive, by the seat of the pants, etc., but I've been using it for years and I'm kind of tired of it. It's good for witty repartee and hot sex, but I want more plot, more description, and more UST. Thus, for an upcoming challenge I'm trying to write slower, do more substantive editing, etc. For original fiction and poetry, the challenge is getting myself to sit down and do it and not hate it from the moment I start. I'm much more self-critical with original stuff.
Working on:

  • The last 1,000 words of an au_bigbang story (Trek RPF vampire AU)
  • A 1,000 word [community profile] kirkspock exchange story that I haven't even started because the prompt's a challenge
  • A het_idcrack response that I also haven't started but the deadline's later
  • I want to write something for the [community profile] queerlygen staying up late challenge
  • Drabble responses to a request meme (one of five done)
  • Want to try to write some prompt responses with a pair of new original characters
  • Want to wrangle some WIPs and edit some co-written stuff to post
  • May 1 deadline on a book chapter submission for an academic volume
  • [community profile] napowrimo

Coming up:

  • Trek big bang story with that new writing style mentioned, Spock/Uhura
  • Kink bingo!
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[personal profile] elfin
Name: Kelli.  Will also respond to Elf.
Writing Journal: [personal profile] elfin is my everything journal.  Fic is (mostly) tagged so it's easy to find.  Everything's archived at [ profile] crazylittleelf  on AO3.
Favorite writing tool: Scrivener.
Type of writing:  Mostly fanfiction.
Main fandoms:  Fringe, with a scattering of Gaiman-verse, Human Target, Criminal Minds, and Top Gear.  In the Fringe fandom, I'm pretty enamored with writing AUs, which the show lends itself to so very well.
Favorite characters:  The father/son dynamic between Peter and Walter Bishop is one of my favorite things about Fringe, especially because that dynamic is so screwed up.  They are two of my favorite characters of all time.  I'm also getting to be very fond of Guerrero on Human Target.  As far as parings go, I like damn near anything.  I like seeing possibilities that people come up with in terms of how and why certain characters would get involved with each other, so I don't really have OTPs.  I do strongly appreciate teh hawt that is Peter/Olivia.  ^^
Most difficult part of writing for me:  Actually, physically writing things down.  I tend to think scenes through in my head, get long strings of dialog, but I don't write them down as I go, so I can never really remember the whole thing.  I'm trying to break myself of this by always having something to write on at hand.
Looking for: Like-minds and sympathetic ears.  :D

I've signed up for [community profile] scifibigbang , and am eagerly looking forward to the next round of [community profile] kink_bingo .

(mods: wasn't sure how to tag Neil Gaiman, if there should be tags for each book or a general Gaiman tag.  lemme know.)

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Hello there, this is the other half of your super-awesome-super-hot modly duo *g* I would take off my modly hat, if I had one - but I don't, the puppy ate it. Really, she did.


Name: Aurora
Writing journal: [community profile] relevant_creativity HUR HUR U SEE WOT WE DID THAR??? >_>
Main fandoms: Supernatural, BBC's Merlin
Favourite characters/pairings: Sam'n'Dean Winchester, Sam/Dean, John Winchester, Mary Winchester - Merlin, Arthur, Merlin/Arthur - I dabble in other pairings and such in each fandom, just not enough to really warrant mentioning.
Favourite writing tool: Tbh, my favorite tool is MS Word *shrugs* I know, I know - but it works for me and since I have Office 2007, I can see my word count at the bottom of the screen and that helps lots. I've used Write or Die (both the online & desktop editions) for word wars - but by myself I don't use it. I also just signed up over at 750words which [personal profile] amethystfirefly mentioned and I signed up for their April challenge, maybe that'll help!
Most difficult part of writing for me: Getting started and finishing ON TIME. /o\ Deadlines are something I'm slowly re-training myself about.
Looking for: Cheerleading, others who will hold me accountable and say "Hey, FINISH THIS" because otherwise...I tend to stop working on things. Word wars, others to chat w/ on IM, plot discussion, beta help.

Right now, I'm signed up for so many things, it's not even funny! But, I'm trying to get them all done. Not going to list them here, because it's too much, but I'll be putting my "to do" list up on my creative journal soon enough.

*runs off to read other entries*
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[personal profile] hopeoubliette
[personal profile] shanaqui posted about this community just in time, I'd say. I was just starting to pull my head back out of the morass of what Life has been throwing at me, and buckle down into my writing again. So I'd like to say hello, and thanks to [personal profile] shanaqui for helping to ensure I'll get back on track.

Name: Hope Oubliette / Kaelanti Cadeyrn
Normal journal: [personal profile] hopeoubliette
Writing journal: [personal profile] kaelanti (also [community profile] yearofhope for a personal challenge of mine that I'm restarting as of today)
Favourite writing tool: My computer. Pen/Pencil + paper just doesn't keep up as well.

Main fandoms: This is often changing, but my current main fandoms are Hey Arnold, Mass Effect (and 2), Weiß Kreuz, Gundam Wing, Ouran High School Host Club, and the Lincoln Rhyme series. There are definitely others.

Favourite characters/pairings:
- From Hey Arnold: (characters) Helga Pataki, Arnold | (pairings) Helga/Arnold and Gerald/Phoebe.
- From Mass Effect 1&2: (characters) Garrus Vakarian, Jeff (Joker) Moreau | (pairings) Shepard/Joker, Shepard/Garrus
- From Weiß Kreuz: (characters) Aya (Ran) Fujimiya, Nagi Naoe | (pairings) I don't really have an otp for this series.
- Gundam Wing: (character) Wufei Chang | (pairings) Duo/Wufei
- Ouran Host Club: (character) Kyouya Ootori | (pairings) Kyouya/Tamaki
- Lincoln Rhyme: (character) Lincoln Rhyme, Amelia Sachs, Thom Reston | (pairings) Rhyme/Sachs

I'd like to point out that I prefer to have a pretty open mind when it comes to pairings, and while the ones above are my definite favorites, I've found that a good author or artist can make me consider pairings I never really had before.

I like trying writing challenges, though I don't always finish them. I'm hoping that this community will give me a chance to finish them properly. I have a couple of promised-out fics still to do, as well as working on [community profile] scifibigbang and [community profile] overlooked, and I've recently created the writing challenge community [community profile] 3x3, though I don't yet have a claim into it. I want to get some of my other things finished off before I work on it.