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Over the course of [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, there's been so much posting that I wish I could reward everyone. Unfortunately, I can't, so I drew names out of the hat as promised. The people who are getting one month's worth of paid time from me are:

-[personal profile] birgitriddle
-[personal profile] tanaqui

I'm going to give it to you in DW points, since we can now transfer those between users, so that if you don't want more paid time now, or would rather give the time to a different journal, you can do that.

Thank you to everyone who has posted and made this comm active. You all rock.

(I'm starting to move out of my flat on Monday, so I couldn't wait for the end of the fest. Forgive me.)
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*tilts mod hat at a jaunty angle*

I've been trying to decide what, altogether, I'll do for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw. I've decided that one thing I'll do is pay for a month's paid time for two random users who post to this comm over the course of the three weeks (starting 26th April). I'll put the names of anyone who posts into the hat. The more you post, the more entries you get -- and you'll also get an entry if you do anything for anyone on the request pool. (Obviously, I won't enter my own name or [personal profile] auroraprimavera's.)

Any questions?
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If you were having trouble creating tags before, sorry. I fixed it. You should now be able to create your own tags, as per the rules. I've done some tagging for people, and will probably continue to do so, because I do love it when tags are useful, but it's still up to you to decide which tags you think are important!
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Hello and welcome to [community profile] relevant_productivity! Your mods are [personal profile] auroraprimavera and [personal profile] shanaqui. Need some info on the community? Check out the profile page.

Important Community Links:

[mod post] Guidelines & FAQs
[mod post] Request pool! - Current as of April 2010
[comm] Useful Links & Tools
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This is the current requests pool! If you've completed something, you can comment here and ask for some kind of reward.

Here's a couple of example comments:
-I just completed my [ profile] au_bigbang rough draft! I'd like to request a Supernatural fic, Dean/Castiel, and if you need inspiration, look at these lyrics.
-Just completed my claim at [community profile] overlooked. I'd like to request a The Dark is Rising fic. I don't care about pairings, but my favourite character is Bran, if you need help.
-I just wrote a 50,000 word epic. Can I request a Merlin fic? Prompt: love spell! Merlin/Arthur, please.
-I just finished [this fic]. I'd love someone to do a quick sketch illustration of [this scene].

You see? Please keep your requests sensible, of course -- don't ask for the moon. When you've made a request, feel free to link to it in your achievement post to make sure it gets attention.

To respond to a request, you just need to comment. You can paste whatever you've done into the comment box, or provide a link. Multiple responses to a request are fine, but please remember that everyone here deserves love.

To make sure that requests are kept current, we're going to post a new post for requests every couple of months. You can still write rewards for older requests, of course. However, to make sure people don't get neglected, you have a choice: when a new post goes up, you can either repost your original request, or post a new one.
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