May. 2nd, 2010

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I'm participating in several Big Bangs this time, and I'm having various problems with my artists. I think this applies both ways, though: author to artist, and artist to author.

-Introduce yourself! [personal profile] auroraprimavera was my first ever Big Bang artist. The first email she sent me was an introduction, and lo, we got on like a house on fire.
-Respond promptly! Even if it's to say you can't do [x], at least then your partner knows where you stand.
-Keep in touch. If you have a problem, let your partner know, so that if you suddenly disappear offline but you'll be back in time, they don't contact mods going "help! my artist disappeared!". If you don't have a problem, just let 'em know you're still around and doing your bit.
-If someone sends you their latest draft, it's nice to respond and let them know what you think once you've had chance to read it/see it. One of my artists received my draft almost two weeks ago and there's been silence since. Silence feels ominous, to me...
-Work together! Don't spring a massive plot change surprise on your artist two days before the deadline.
-If you promise to do something, deliver. If you promised a rough draft by Tuesday, follow through!
-If in doubt, ask.

What other advice would you have about getting on with your author/artist? My main problem has been total lack of communication.
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[personal profile] gorgeousnerd's post on Writing in Quantity is useful and relevant (heh). There's links to various helpful tools, like a manuscript analyser which tells you what words you might be using a little too much.

Habit Forge might be good, too.
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I finished all my papers for the semester. Well, except for one, but I'm getting extra time on that so I can work on it beyond the semester. I've been stressing over those papers for god knows how long and now...they're done. No more. I didn't even think I could pull it off at times.

Now I have a 10-15 research paper to do by the 31st and three big bangs to work on, plus a novel re-write. And that's not including the exchange fics, claims and challenges I'm doing. Of course, I'll finally have the free time to do all these things as well.

Tomorrow is relaxing day dammit.