May. 1st, 2010

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Name: Sibylle
The Situation: I've never written anything fictional.
Goal: Write my first piece of fiction.

I posted something about my writing issues somewhere one day in a community dedicated to finding support for writing endeavours but I still feel the need to type this somewhere else especially since it didn't change much. I've read a lot of fanfictions since August 2009 and it's really something I enjoy. I adore reading published books as well. At this point, I just want to write something. I've never written anything fictional, it scares me, nothing feels right. I'm an English major, which somehow seems to puzzle people even more (not sure why, I analyze books, my work is exclusively non-fictional). I have several reasons for that: I want to get the ideas out of my head, I think they're actually worthy of being written, I want to be part of my fandoms more fully. I was told I should write and never edit just so I have something on the page. I did that, with positive results, so I want to continue doing that. My goals are the following:

- Finish my first fanfiction (the idea I developed focuses on Hermione from the Harry Potter fandom) by the end of the year, even if it's not to post it anywhere, I just want the idea out of my head already.
- Know precisely where I want to go for my piece of original fiction (not sure if it's going to be long or not, a short story, a novella, a novel, a series, who knows) by the end of the year. Unfortunately for me, it's historical fiction set in the 1920s, which means research and right now what I need is to write as I feel. We'll see. A rough outline at least isn't fictional, I can deal with that better.

I find talking about it to people I already know is actually very hard because it always comes with expectations, even if they have the best of intentions so here's hoping this community is the key :)
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Today I signed up fro 750 Words which I found through suggestions here.  Mostly I just blathered, and I'm not sure how I will use it - story writing vs stream of consciousness - but I think it will be helpful.  My goal is to write every day in May, and if anyone wants to join me (or me join you if you already use 750 Words) I'd be happy to do a mutual cheerleading or prompting thing.

For other people using 750 Words, how do you like it? 

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Name: Fly to Dawn
Writing journal: (if you have one) This one.
Main fandoms: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Merlin.
Favourite characters/pairings: Guinevere, Luna, Angelina Johnson, Morgause, Romana, the Eighth Doctor, Arthur/Gwen, Morgana/Morgause, Doctor/Romana, Ted/Andromeda, Fred/Angelina.
Favourite writing tool: Textedit! No, seriously, I love it; it doesn't scream 'TYPE IN ME' like Word does (or maybe that's just me), but is like a lovely little notepad - unlined notepads being my other writing tool of choice. I like that it doesn't have a word count or an adjustable margin.

Working on:
- Modern!AU Merlin; Gwen and Merlin are producers of Morgana and Arthur's shows at Radio Camelot (3500+ words so far)
- Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles-style!AU Merlin; Gwen is sent back in time to protect a younger version of her husband, Arthur. For [community profile] ladiesbigbang.
- A very random Primeval/Doctor Who crossover, with Ten and Helen Cutter.

- Fic for [ profile] femgenficathon.

I am all a-flail right now as this is the first time I'm writing for a Big Bang, and also because I seem to have planned lots of other things. Eeeeeek. But anyway, I love writing, and hopefully this year I'll be able to prod myself more than usual. Hi! *wave*