Apr. 27th, 2010

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Name: Cesy
Writing journal: (if you have one) None.
Main fandoms: Stargate SG-1, American Idol RPF, Garth Nix Old Kingdom, Mercedes Lackey Valdemar.
Favourite characters/pairings: Daniel Jackson, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, various OFCs.
Favourite writing tool: AO3 and Notepad. And Excel, to make pretty graphs of wordcount when the writing is not going well.

Working on: Currently struggling to get any words out at all. My main target at the moment is to get even some tiny ficlets written, and odd scenes from my longer works-in-progress.
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Name: Kath
Writing journal: will be my regular journal, [personal profile] sugar. I tried the whole dedicated-journal thing, but it sort of killed my writing confidence, so I'm scrapping it.
Main fandoms: Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, CWRPS, Lost, Dollhouse, Gilmore Girls
Favourite characters/pairings: It changes all the time. The characters I find most interesting to read or write about are probably Whiskey from Dollhouse and Spike from Buffy. I am very fond of Emily Gilmore and Paris Geller. And Hurley from Lost and Lorne from Angel are my heroes.
Favourite writing tool: OpenOffice for fiction, CeltX for screenwriting. Both free :)

Working on About to work on:
- 3000+ word How I Met Your Mother slash fic for my still-unfilled [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti request.
- Freaks and Geeks gen fic for [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest
- my postponed ScriptFrenzy script, which, as of now, stands only on the rickety premise of "Clerks in space".

I have been finding it very hard to write without the help of some sort of stringent structure (like drabbles) lately. Hopefully this comm will help me out with that, through sheer output and peer pressure! :)
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This isn't a huge achievement, I know, but I've been completely blocked on writing fiction lately. I was having a kind of crisis of confidence about the quality of my writing, and when I tried to sit down and write something better, it just wouldn't happen. So then I got a general block on, and that was bad. But! I have written one thing on my to-do list. It was for the [community profile] random_fic_is_random alchemy fundraiser and it is here (pay attention to the warnings listed next to the rating). Onward, now, and having decided not to sign up for any of those big bangs I was waffling on it's off to some of my little bunnies and WIPs.
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When I'm in the mood, deadlines are a good motivator. Of course, sometimes they can be nightmarish, but I'm going with motivating for now! My Ultimate Deadline is September, as that's when I'm going to be starting my teacher training and I'm going to have a lot less spare time.

What I want to do by then is:
--Complete the first edit of the novel-first-draft (colloquially known as the superpower story) I recently finished. It's currently lying around so I can distance myself from it enough to look at it with clear eyes.
--Aim to reach about halfway through the novel-first-draft I'm now working on (colloquially known as the deathworm story). That target gives me a lot of leeway for days when I'm too busy or just don't feel like writing.

I've never drafted while editing something else (or edited in a methodical way, really), so I'm feeling a little apprehensive for when I start. I think it's going to be a challenge switching between editing-mode and drafting-mode, so fingers crossed for that one...

I also want to write at least four short snippets for Three Weeks for Dreamwidth. I've done one so far for [community profile] stayintheroom, so I feel cautiously confident about that.

Do you folks have any editing tips -- or, conversely, tips for switching off your inner editor?