Apr. 26th, 2010

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Name: Tassos is the one I started with way back when.  Journaling, it turned into [personal profile] tassosss .  I go by both.
Writing journal: I don't have one separate from my regular journal, but all my stories are at the AOOO
Main fandoms: Um.  Many.  Farscape, Supernatural, Stargates, Buffy, Firefly, Star Trek XI, bunch of others.  LOTS of crossovers.
Favourite characters/pairings: This changes a lot and depends on what story I'm telling.
Favourite writing tool: Scrivener.  And pen, paper and a room with no windows.  Totally works.

Most difficult part of writing for me: Finishing when I'm stuck.  Once I lose momentum and more than a week goes by, the story ends up languishing and never getting finished.  And right now figuring out how to start a story.
Working on: I've got a Star Trek XI story due in a month, and Buffy auction fic many months over due that I'm close to finishing.  I have about five other long, non-deadlined stories going on.  One I'm actively working on, the other four are the dread stuck ones.  And I want to sign up for Star Trek Big Bang.  Yeah.
Looking for: Someplace to talk milestones, cheerleading (I'm a good cheerleader too!).  Someone to talk me down from being intimidated by how big and out of control a story gets.

Original:  I haven't written much beyond a NaNo that will never see the light of day, but I have a notebook on a shelf with scifi type ideas.

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Name: Erin/[personal profile] the_wanlorn
Writing journal: Uh, theoretically, it's [personal profile] i_dionysus. But I only use it sporadically, and only to post works, and it's definitely not a complete archive.
Main fandoms: In Plain Sight, Lost, Burn Notice, Leverage, Bones, New Avengers & Daredevil & Iron Fist, Dresden Files, Farscape
Favourite characters/pairings: It varies a lot. Going in the same order as the list, it's: Mary, Mary/Marshall; Benry, anything with Benry in it that does not involve Jack; Fi, Sam/Fi/Michael; Parker or Hardison depending on which way the wind's blowing that day, Parker/Hardison/Eliot; Bones, Bones/Booth/Sweets; Jessica Jones, Jessica/Luke/Danny/Matt; Murphy, I don't really have one; Aeryn, John/Aeryn. I am really bad at shipping pairings, instead of threesomes and moresomes.
Favourite writing tool: GoogleDocs owns my soul. :( It's so much easier to get people to beta fic when you don't have to remember to send it to them, and the back & forth that gets going between everyone while they're betaing is great.

Original fiction, wise:

Genres: Urban fantasy, overall, with a solid dose of horror and superheroes thrown in.
Types: Novels! If no one's every going to write the F/F/F paranormal romance I want to read, or urban fantasy about superheroes, I might as well do it myself.