Apr. 12th, 2010

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Name: Leradny
Main fandoms: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XIII, Fire Emblem, Harry Potter
Favourite characters/pairings: Varies

Writing Journal: Goddaughter, Kindness From Strangers
Genres: General, Fantasy, Queer Fiction
Types: Novel, Short Stories
Favourite writing tool: Pen and paper, a computer to type it up
Working On: Goddaughter, a novel that mixes together everything I like about fantasy, from video games to manga to literature to movies/TV (though it's mostly Final Fantasy and Greek Mythology). Also Kindness From Strangers, a series of mostly unrelated short stories.

I would really like some constructive (bad AND good points) criticism on "Goddaughter".  KFS, I don't put as much effort into.  They're my sandbox for whatever ideas I can't fit into Goddaughter, and writing practice.  I'm good at critiquing and giving advice, so if you need a sounding board for any sort of writing at all--besides poetry, which I don't read or write--I will totally be one for you.