Mar. 30th, 2010

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Guidelines )
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This is the current requests pool! If you've completed something, you can comment here and ask for some kind of reward.

Here's a couple of example comments:
-I just completed my [ profile] au_bigbang rough draft! I'd like to request a Supernatural fic, Dean/Castiel, and if you need inspiration, look at these lyrics.
-Just completed my claim at [community profile] overlooked. I'd like to request a The Dark is Rising fic. I don't care about pairings, but my favourite character is Bran, if you need help.
-I just wrote a 50,000 word epic. Can I request a Merlin fic? Prompt: love spell! Merlin/Arthur, please.
-I just finished [this fic]. I'd love someone to do a quick sketch illustration of [this scene].

You see? Please keep your requests sensible, of course -- don't ask for the moon. When you've made a request, feel free to link to it in your achievement post to make sure it gets attention.

To respond to a request, you just need to comment. You can paste whatever you've done into the comment box, or provide a link. Multiple responses to a request are fine, but please remember that everyone here deserves love.

To make sure that requests are kept current, we're going to post a new post for requests every couple of months. You can still write rewards for older requests, of course. However, to make sure people don't get neglected, you have a choice: when a new post goes up, you can either repost your original request, or post a new one.
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*whips off the mod hat*

Name: Nikki/[personal profile] shanaqui.
Writing journal: [personal profile] edenbound.
Main fandoms: Supernatural, Firefly, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X-2, Kingdom Hearts, The Dark is Rising, Merlin...
Favourite characters/pairings: Oh, god, too many to list. Dean is my favourite character in SPN, Simon is my favourite in Firefly, Seifer is probably my favourite in FFVIII, Gippal or Baralai in FFX-2, Axel in Kingdom Hearts, Bran in The Dark is Rising, Merlin in, well, Merlin...
Favourite writing tool: Write or Die desktop edition. It's seriously good at just kicking your ass into writing.

I'm mostly here for support doing Big Bangs. They're my addiction. I do the writing part due to utter lack of artistic skill.

Big Bangs I'm participating in:
-[ profile] au_bigbang: First draft complete. Supernatural AU, in which Dean is brought up by Ellen, is mute, and saves the world with hugs.
-[community profile] hardmode: Idea hatched. (Not open yet.) Final Fantasy X-2 cyberpunk AU, focusing on the Crimson Squad.
-[community profile] kinked: Pending idea. (Not signed up yet.) Supernatural Dean/Castiel fic, I think.
-[community profile] ladiesbigbang: Planned. (Not signed up yet.) Supernatural Dean/Cassie fic, in which Cassie kicks a lot of ass, mostly Dean's.
-[community profile] scifibigbang: Planning stage. Firefly apocalyptic fic, in which everything goes wrong.
-[ profile] sncross_bigbang: First draft complete. Supernatural AU/The Dark is Rising crossover, in which Will and Bran try to guide Dean, Sam and Castiel into not starting the apocalypse.
-[ profile] spn_j2_bigbang: Planning stage. Supernatural AU in which, at the end of S4, Dean is blinded.

I've also got claims at [ profile] centi_porn, [community profile] overlooked and [community profile] 3x3.

Oh my god, how many tags am I going to need now...