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Jenny Wrayne ([personal profile] ladydreamer) wrote in [community profile] relevant_productivity2010-05-29 07:28 pm

[intro, to-do, + accomplishment]

Name: Jenny Wrayne aka [personal profile] ladydreamer
Main fandoms: Smallville/DC comics, Supernatural, Glee
Favourite characters/pairings: Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne/Lex Luthor, Chloe Sullivan/Kara Zor-El, Chloe Sullivan/Mercy Graves, Dean Winchester/Castiel, Quinn/Santana
Favourite writing tool: my laptop, of course

As a downer, I've had to turn down both the SV big bang and the Dean/Castiel big bang because my productivity hasn't exactly been great over the past semester. I've been having a hard time lately focusing on things, and particularly balancing between RL responsibilities and fandom. I guess I should be happy because the focus was too much on fandom before and not enough on academics.

I just got done with one of my help_haiti Clex fics today (need to edit and beta now), and this makes me happy. It was to be a 3k fic and ended up as a 26k fic. Oy! Hey, you get more than you pay for with me. It's all big bang, whether the challenge demands it or not.

Other fandom to-dos:
Final help_haiti fic- Chlark mpreg story (she paid a lot for this, but has been very understanding that it will take me a while to get there)
International Mpreg Day June 20th :D
Clexmas Spring Fling challenge (As this is my challenge, I kind of feel obligated not to punk out)- New deadline July 16th
Update WiPs asap!

RL to-dos:
Revise, expand, and update conference paper into an article for publication/writing sample for Ph.D. apps to apply in the fall
Statement of Goals for the same
Update and format CV for the same

This summer is going to be a busy one.