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[to do] 750 Words for May

Today I signed up fro 750 Words which I found through suggestions here.  Mostly I just blathered, and I'm not sure how I will use it - story writing vs stream of consciousness - but I think it will be helpful.  My goal is to write every day in May, and if anyone wants to join me (or me join you if you already use 750 Words) I'd be happy to do a mutual cheerleading or prompting thing.

For other people using 750 Words, how do you like it? 

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It's really interesting looking--is the creator using it for some kind of research? There's all that talk about stats they collect and use, wanting to know how one's local weather affects one's mood, etc. I also checked out the link to Penzu--what about 750 words do you like better?
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I've played with them both, and I think I'm going to try both, since they both have pros and cons and I can't tell, yet, which one will work best for me. I love the lines in Penzu because I'm anal that way, but the text is smaller. 750 words has a word count meter, but you can't title the posts--the dates are the titles, I guess--and you can on Penzu. Penzu has additional features in its pay version, like tagging and formatting, that might be nice, but I won't know until I use it. Both accept pasted-in text. Maybe I'll try one for fic writing and one for journaling? So, I guess, yes, I'll be using it! It's a good idea, both the clear-the-mind journaling 750 words talks about and a daily fic writing goal. Thanks for pointing this out!
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I love lines. They're so parallel. *g* You can also export to a txt file in 700 Words, apparently, and there's a sort of almost-tagging function, in that you can create a tag in all caps in the text, on its own line, such as,

TODO: take out trash

and then you can see all your tags in the metadata section, click a tag and see all the entries you used that tag in. Helpful for to do lists and such, but also if I want to write a scene for a story, I can tag it with the story name and scene, such as

BITEME: Sally meets her first vamp.

(I don't actually have a story called Bite Me, but you see how that would work. *g*) So, yeah, even more function than I'd thought!
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I was thinking of doing it for a month, too -- suddenly, I have a story I think I want to tell. Hmmm.

I know [personal profile] amethystfirefly has got an impressive record with 750 Words!
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I used it through April as a journalling/stream of consciousness thing. It didn't occur to me to use it for meta or writing or anything, though I suppose I could. I enjoy it because it's good at built-in cheerleading, and a nifty interface. I tend to just write about what I did that day, because I hate that I've never done that and have no record of my life, but if I have words left at the end sometimes I'll ramble on different topics as a kind of therapy.