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[intro, to-do] Not flailing, no, not at all.

Name: Fly to Dawn
Writing journal: (if you have one) This one.
Main fandoms: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Merlin.
Favourite characters/pairings: Guinevere, Luna, Angelina Johnson, Morgause, Romana, the Eighth Doctor, Arthur/Gwen, Morgana/Morgause, Doctor/Romana, Ted/Andromeda, Fred/Angelina.
Favourite writing tool: Textedit! No, seriously, I love it; it doesn't scream 'TYPE IN ME' like Word does (or maybe that's just me), but is like a lovely little notepad - unlined notepads being my other writing tool of choice. I like that it doesn't have a word count or an adjustable margin.

Working on:
- Modern!AU Merlin; Gwen and Merlin are producers of Morgana and Arthur's shows at Radio Camelot (3500+ words so far)
- Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles-style!AU Merlin; Gwen is sent back in time to protect a younger version of her husband, Arthur. For [community profile] ladiesbigbang.
- A very random Primeval/Doctor Who crossover, with Ten and Helen Cutter.

- Fic for [ profile] femgenficathon.

I am all a-flail right now as this is the first time I'm writing for a Big Bang, and also because I seem to have planned lots of other things. Eeeeeek. But anyway, I love writing, and hopefully this year I'll be able to prod myself more than usual. Hi! *wave*
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Fellow Ladies Big Bang sufferer participant here to welcome you! I hope that the community helps you fulfill your writing goals :)
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Welcome to the comm! I'm doing [community profile] ladiesbigbang, too. Good luck...

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